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Just like a fish that can't resist a shinny lure, the thought of owning a real Gator Pitbull is to hard to resist. Yet the fact is, there is not a Gator Pitbull bloodline. Because so many have been led to believe that there is a Gator Pitbull bloodline, they are easily baited in and fall prey to a hoax. GATOR PITBULL. Razor Edge \Gotti \Gator mouth.PitBull. 196 likes · 1 talking about this. Community. See more of Razor Edge \Gotti \Gator mouth.PitBull on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Razor Edge/Gotti American Bully Puppies In Alabama. Pet Breeder. Razor Edge Kennels. Entertainment Website. Gotti Pit Bulls. Organization. Blue Gotti Bullies. Pet Breeder. Blue Steel Bronx-Bully Pitbull Stud. The Gottiline Pit bull Bloodline, otherwise known as the Gotti Pitbulls, Gottyline or Gotty Pitbulls have become one of the most popular bloodlines in American Bully Community. This bloodline was started by Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels. He actually owned the first sire, The Notorious Juan Gotty. Back in 1997 he bought Gotty for []. Razor Edge \Gotti \Gator mouth.PitBull. 204 likes · 3 talking about this. Community.

And if this is not enough there are also other descriptions such as gotti pitbull, gator pitbull and razor edge pitbulls. Razor edge pit bulls have been established as their own bully type breed for over 10 years now. The dogs are known to be very mellow and were bred for the purpose of companionship. If you want to purchase the Gotty Pitbull, you are able to purchase it easily because there are also many Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale. Talk about the Gotti Pitbull, we remind about an email who ask us about the blue gotti pitbull. Do you ever heard about blue gotti pitbull? Actually, the blue gotti pitbull is a variation from Gotti Pitbull.

For Black Pitbulls click here For Red Nose Pits click here For White Pitbulls click here For Gator Pitbull click here For Brindle Pit Bulls click here For Red Pitbulls click here For Blue Nose Pits click here For Razor Edge Pitbulls click here For Colby Pitbulls click here For Gotti Pitbulls click here. Return from Types of Pitbulls to Homepage. after many year's working with this ultimate "apbt" i wanted something a little different, so i bought a "blue pitbull" or "blue pit bull" also known as the "american bully" we brought it back to our "pitbull kennel" and by 2005 our entire "pit bull kennel" consist of "blue american pitbulls".

We are obsessed with breeding a superior line of American Bullies. American Bullies are by far the most loyal breed of dog on the planet. Gatorhead Bullies selectively breeds our bullies for their tremendous athletic ability with protective instincts and an outstanding willingness to please. But no matter what one's individual preference may be, each has the right to his own greed. And for thousands today the choice is the Razor's Edge Pitbull breed. So if you are looking for either Razor's Edge or Gotti of champion quality like Bandit, from one of the Top Pitbull Kennels in the world; call Mr Pitbull. 23/09/2010 · amrican gator bloodline. 5 American Bully Exercise MUSCLE training tips that will get your dog SWOLE. The greyline was a healthier Pit Bull line compared to today’s Gotti Pit Bull as they weren’t overly stocky. They were called greyline Pit Bulls because of their coat coloring of grey and they always came with cropped ears. When purchasing Gotti Pit Bull puppies be sure to do so from a reputable breeder and not backyard breeders. 06/08/2010 · A friend of mine has a pup he wants to sale me, he says its gotti/gator i know about gotti dont know to much about gator can someone give me some info or even some pics if any of you have one, id appreciate it.

Even though the Gotti line is very muscular and large, they tend to be quite agile. Since Barajas introduction of the Gotti line in 1997, the bloodline has spread across the United States, Canada, China, the Philippeines, and Japan. As a whole, the Gotti bloodline is one of the most popular Pit Bull bloodlines in the world. You are able to discover Razor’s Edge, Gotti Pitbulls, and Gator Pitbull bloodlines which sometimes will have the fawn coat. Then, what is the difference between this breed and blue nose pitbull? Pitbull with blue nose is the same to the blue fawn because it has a silver pattern. ANSWER: Gotty will be known in history as one of the bully style movement's greatest dogs. So, the Gottiline Pit bull Bloodline is named after The Notorious Juan Gotty. A Gotti pit bull has tons of mass and is very stocky with lots of girth. They are sometimes heavier, thicker and shorter than other. 07/09/2017 · Breeding Pitbulls to improve one or several of its natural traits goes way back for at least two centuries. But recently Pitbull breeders focus on further improving the dog’s quality, and Razor Edge Pit Bulls is one of those breeders. There is a growing popularity of owning an American Bully in.

The History of Notorious Juan Gotty & Gottiline.

The Gottiline pit bull is considered an American Bully Breed of dog. Commonly registered with the ABKC, this type of pitbull makes a great family pet. In the 1930s, Floyd Boudreaux created the Boudreaux bloodline, which has been a popular fighting pit bull bloodline. The bloodline really started with Blind Billy, but Eli was the pit bull who gave the Boudreaux bloodline its second name. Eli was one of Floyd’s best fighting dogs and over time people started buying puppies sired by Eli. Mr Pitbull Kennels recognized leader in Razors Edge Blue Nose Pitbulls. We have Puppies for sale and the Pit Bull information you are looking for. 23/04/2010 · Gotti Pit Bulls are now one of the most popular bloodlines and are highly sought after by many Pit Bull lovers. The term Gator Pitbull refers to a pitbull puppy that comes from the Gator bloodline. Gator was a Champion pitbull. Some say that this specific bloodline was bred in order to be excellent fighters. There are other bloodlines that are related to the Gottiline pitbull bloodline. Gotti is the foundation for Mikeland’s Kracker and Gator and also Kingpinline’s Goliath. Besides these unique lines, he is also the foundation for many of the bully pitbulls that weigh more than 70 lbs., considered to.

Gotti Pitbull Puppies Pitbull Puppies.

11/07/2019 · Some bloodlines like Kingpinline’s Goliath and Mikeland’s Kracker and Gator look up to Juan Gotty or Gotti as the foundation for their bloodline. Many Bully Pitbulls that are XXL size has Gotti as their foundation. From one dog came many Bullies of diverse style which is a very remarkable achievement for Juan Gotti and his owner Richard. 23/12/2009 · Gotti, along with Razor's Edge, Gator, and many many others are what is referred to as Hippo Pit Bulls. They are so far and so opposite of the correct breed standard of a REAL American Pit Bull Terrier, that they can't even really be called a APBT anymore because they are so disfigured and genetically a disaster. We are a top pitbull kennel breeding bully pitbull style dogs, If you are looking for a blue pitbull you have came to the right kennel. XXL PITBULL PUPPIES FOR SALE. If you’ve been on lookout for gorgeous xl pitbull puppies for sale then you are lucky to have found us. Manmade Kennels has been working hard since 2008 to breed pitbulls with unique traits. Notorious Juan Gotti was born in 1997, Gotti was owned by Richard Barajas. Notorious Juan Gotti was a dog before his time and he was one of the best if not the greatest producing dog in the bully style pitbull world ever. Gotti was bred from line breeding and inbreeding Greyline dogs, Greyline was a bloodline created by Tony Moore.

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